Mark Porter


In 1976, a fifteen year old Mark Porter was walking home from school, carrying his new Gibson SG, when a voice said “Hey kid, can you play that thing”? That was the beginning of a life-long friendship with Randy ‘Rockit’ Barr and his 17 year tenure in Randy’s band.

Early on Mark was saddled with the nick name of ‘BUNZ’, based on his 98 lb. frame, and lack thereof. ‘BUNZ’ soon came to be a regional guitar standout with his whammy bar, string bending guitar style and playing his self customized collection of Gibson Melody Makers. After years of touring and recording with Randy, he decided to leave the band and soon found a new passion building ‘Custom Bikes’. He started to custom build ‘CFL’ West Coast Choppers, which earned him four 1st place trophies in biker shows and a 3rd place finish in 2014, at the world famous Rats Hole Bike Show, during Daytona’s Bike Week. Being a ‘Master Craftsman’ with a creative soul, has now evolved and become ‘BUNZ GITARZ’, where Mark builds custom themed guitars based on his client’s musical history.

bunz-1 bunz-2


Each guitar starts with Mark diving into research to find the ‘life, music’ markers of his subject and to recreate the journey in wire, wood and sound in every BUNZ creation. Mark uses wood and metal objects to make one of a kind whammy’s, knobs, tuning keys and things nobody has ever seen on a guitar, as you can see in the ‘Hustler, 19th Street Special’, he built for Randy. Contact: mporter64@cfl.rr.com