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Whether you want to record an EP or a full-blown album, giving a great performance in the recording studio is completely different than giving a great performance to a ‘live’ audience. In the studio you ‘NEED’ a producer  … because ‘NOTHING’ is as important as, freeing up your mind, to be ‘THE ARTIST’.

The joy that an artist experiences, through the entire process is the first and foremost thing, on Randy’s mind.  From the initial stages of helping you select the right songs, Randy makes it easy by doing what producers do … from selecting the right studio, hiring the right musicians, scheduling studio time, pre-production time, musical arrangements  through tracking sessions, overdubs, laying down lead vocals, harmonies and mixing to mastering. And that’s only the beginning of Randy’s job description.. Randy brings a world-class knowledge of microphone techniques, the subtleties of phrasing, dynamics, pronunciation, timing, studio-specific terminologies and the importance of, knowing how to critique one’s own performance, to your sessions.

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CAPTURE THE MAGIC … Video-taping your recording sessions for your EPK (Electronic Press Kit) or selecting a specific song and turning your recording sessions into a ‘Music Video’ is ‘incredibly’ doable, when you aren’t shooting in multiple locations. When you contact Randy, he can hook you up with an ‘affordable’ videographer in Nashville.

“This is ‘Your’ project; not mine, not the studio’s, not the engineer’s, or the musician’s, it is ‘Your’ project …

It is your money …

And I want you to ‘HAVE FUN’.”

Randy produces


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c. MUSIC for FILM & TV


“Randy Barr has spent 30+ years in recording studios developing relationships with studio owners, engineers and musicians in Nashville & LA. Randy produces Country, Pop, Rock, R&B and Blues. Currently, all projects recorded in Nashville, unless by special request

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